I’m back!

I’m back after a time of reflection and self-indulgence. I’ve been working with my body, my heart, and my mind in order to find the path to happiness… I’m very happy as Daniela, and I enjoy a lot my little adventures. However, I’m in the process of defining what is what
I want for the rest of my life. I’m already working this and other issues in therapy, so I hope to find and answer soon. Meanwhile, I decided to do something more concrete to feel better, so I got into a diet. I was able to loose 17 pounds in 50 days. Now I feel so much better and more confident in myself. To celebrate, my wife and I went to the “Titanic Exhibit” and then shopping. After loosing so much weight, most of my wardrobe doesn’t fit anymore. Then, this was a very good excuse to renew it and take advantage of the end-of-season sales. I took a couple of pictures… I hope you like them. Finally, I’d like to thank all of those who send me notes of support during the time I was out of the public life. Hugs and kisses…

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